Cannot Vertex Paint Blueprint WHY?Should I report it as a bug?

Well I just finished making my material and I cant paint the BP meshes I have at all.
I tried to edit the BP and maybe paint them there but no luck.
Should I report this as bug or is this normal , can I override it ?

Seamless… :wink:

I’m afraid we do not currently support vertex painting on Blueprint created StaticMeshComponents. Because BP components are procedurally created, we have to write some special code to try and ‘match up’ specific per-instance data across re-runs of the ConstructionScript. We do this for lightmaps, but not yet for vertex painting. It is certainly something we want to do, and we have a task in our system to do it. I’ll investigate raising the priority of this feature!

I definitely vote for having the priority of this feature raised! So far this is the only downside I have found with the engine and unfortunately I found out a little late in the level design process. It’s too bad because blueprint is an amazing way to build prefabs that speed up the level design process tenfold.

You can see in the image below where I combined two tiles to make a corner piece for faster placing and my vertex painting cuts off. I’m still unsure of what kind of workaround I can implement yet.

Just a quick update: This is currently in progress!

The work to support this feature has been completed and should be coming in 4.2.

Great news!


**Tom Sarkanen ** thank YOU , also give my thanks to all the programmers , I love you all :slight_smile:

Cool, thank you!
Blueprints are extremely convenient for building modular environment and possibility of vertex paint absense was so frightening! :eek:

Hi Tom Sarkanen,i am working on a tunnel generated with blueprint splines,but i am not able to vertex paint on it,can you please suggest me a way to fix it