Cannot use InputAction in CameraManager Blueprint Graph?

I’m trying to set up a method of switching between 2 sets of control behaviors, which will affect player control as well as camera behavior. I’m setting up different limits for Yaw, Pitch, Roll, etc. which requires me to use a CameraManager blueprint, which is being referenced by a custom PlayerController blueprint. I can set the desired defaults I want in the Defaults, but I want to be able to switch between the behaviors by pressing a button, at least for testing purposes. Currently I have it set up to be Gamepad Special Left, which is “Back” on the Xbox 360 controller.

For some reason, InputAction does not seem to have any effect within my custom PlayerCameraManager graph at all. I DO have my “Auto Receive Input” set to “Player 0” in the Defaults so it is not that. It won’t play the sound, nor will it change my Yaw parameters. When I put the same nodes for the InputAction and Play Sound into other graphs like my custom PlayerController or MyCharacter graph, they work just fine, but not in the PlayerCameraManager blueprint.

Am I doing something wrong or is there another setting I have to use? Will I still be able to activate functions in the CameraManager Blueprint like I can in the other graphs? I plan to use maybe an interface for the eventual activation, but it is perplexing why InputAction is not working normally, and I rely on it a lot for testing and iteration. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!