Cannot use "Cast To IKAnimatedPawn"

I am new to blueprints so there may be a trivial reason behind my troubles. I am trying to follow a tutorial(link shown below) that requires the use of the “Cast To IKAnimatedPawn” node in an animation blueprint. I am using the third person template and I am unable to use this node in the animation blueprint for my character.

Does anyone know why this node is not showing up in my animation blueprint?

Link to website:

Cast To IKAnimatedPawn is a node that tell you to “convert” a class to a sub/top class. So you need a class/blueprint called IKAnimatedPawn. This class can be found in the project “Content Examples” in


If you are using your custom character blueprint called for example “MyAwesomeCharacter”, you should cast to “MyAwesomeCharacter”, so your node will be Cast to MyAwesomeCharacter

Thanks for the help Kheka! Your answer cleared up my confusion.