Cannot stream in sub-sub-level


After thorough searching, I cannot find anything about this anywhere, so perhaps it isn’t even possible, although I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be.

I’ve built a location called ‘Player Home’ which contains two sub-levels, ‘Flat’ where the game starts and ‘Roof’. Flat is set to load visible and Player Home contains level streaming volumes to handle streaming the two sub-levels in and out as the player walks between the flat and the roof.

For the purpose of the game mechanics, I now have a ‘World Level’ to which I’ve added Player Home as a sub-level set to initial load and visible. So the game world has levels in the following hierarchy:

Now, when World Level opens it automatically opens Player Home because it’s set to load initially. However, nothing I do will allow Flat to load. It being set to load initially, the streaming volumes in Player Home, and explicitly loading the level via BP script in various places do nothing. I’m flummoxed.

Can you simply not have more than two tiers, including the persistent level, in the level hierarchy?