Cannot spawn default advance vehicle blueprint

I get this error when trying to spawn the advanced vehicle blueprint: “attempting to move a fully simulated skeletal mesh”

I’m trying to follow the UE4 video series on creating a checkpoint racing game but this error appeared for me and not in the video. not sure how to spawn a vehicle without this error, but i insist on clean projects. any help is appreciated

Hi spdemille,

It may help to post a screenshot or 2 or your setup showing exactly how you are spawning the vehicle blueprint.

no, i cannot post screenshots however it is the rather obvious method of calling “spawn actor from class” and the class is the unchanged default advanced vehicle blueprint.

i am following the example shown by UE on the UE youtube page nothing changed but i get this error

it does “work” but like any good programmer i have to treat warnings as errors and this raises a flag everytime right out of the box nothing changed.

Okay, I’ve got a fix for this.

(I’ve been spawning vehicles via blueprint in Dead Static Drive and 100% of the time when spawning them (and some other objects) I’d get this warning. So for like 2 years, every single time I’ve run the game I’ve had the “there were errors” message appear when exiting PIE. I’m so absolutely relieved to have fixed it.)

The fix is here:

In ActorConstruction.cpp and Actor.cpp, look for RootComponent->SetWorldTransform and SceneRootComponent->SetWorldTransform. The line numbers for 4.18 are in that tweet. You need to set the teleport options to TeleportPhysics in these calls.