Cannot 'Set Members in Struct' from Function [new; no timers]

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sorry for new post, couldn’t unflag the other one.

i’ve run into the bug again, not using anything with time.


not working:

mildly confusing example, element passed to function won’t always match (hence the function).

thank you for your time.

Hi nmetrock,

Not a problem at all and I’m happy to continue assisting. In the future, you should be able to unmark an answer by commenting on the page, it should automatically unaccept the answer so that we can continue assisting. For this, it looks like your custom function is attempting to get a target of self, but should be setting the target as game instance>resource. Does changing this cause the function to respond correctly. I don’t think it will as you’re specific error is for the game instance element, but it is good to go ahead and eliminate this as a possibility.

  • Do you get any specific errors or warnings when you use this function or does it simply refuse to update?
  • Is it any portion of the struct or are there specific pieces of the struct that refuse to update to the new setup?
  • Does this only occur with Structs or is it any variable?
  • Does setting the input struct to “pass-by-reference” resolve this error? Currently the pin is not set to pass-by-reference, which may be causing the information to get passed back to the pin but not to the variable attached to the pin.

pass-by-reference did the trick!!!

all issues with set members & functions resolved =)

i can see how this is a feature not a bug. not sure if it’s worth it to work in a first-use popup when adding structs as inputs for some hand holding. it obviously isn’t a problem when the struct is just used for pulling data, i guess it depends on how many people run into my issue.

or maybe it pops up first time the input is attached to a set members node. anyway i’m gunna walk away before i say the ‘shouldn’t be too hard’ phrase we all know and love…

thank you thank you!

setting struct on the input node to ‘pass-by-reference’ resolved all issues. thanks .