Cannot Set/Assosiate Dino Icon for HUD.

Hello everyone,

This has been asked before on the forum but no answers have been provided.

I cannot find out how to set the dino Icon for custom dinos instead it shows a white box where the Dino Icon Should be.
I have made a copy and renamed the correct Icon file to my mod folder but cannot figure out how to associate it using the Character_BP. I did link it to the dino blueprint

I have been looking for hours, please help!

Did you remap/add the new Dino Entry in your modded PrimalGameData.BP?

When you’re creating the custom dino files, just leave “Dino Name Tag” as the default value and it should be fine. Won’t get you a dossier on tame, but the icon will show up as you’d expect! (Not sure about adding new dino icons) – you may also need to make sure you have a custom DinoEntry file created for the new beast and entered into the Additional Dino Entries section of the PrimalGameData file!