Cannot set an animation sequence as idle pose even it has the same skeleton as the Animation Blueprint

Hi, Unreal Pros,

I hope it’s not due to my a bit outdated version of Unreal Engine, but I encountered a weird problem in Animation Blueprint.

I just bought a animation set from Unreal marketplace. I import it faithfully into my existing project because it has retargeted to UE4_Mannequin(from animation starter pack.) And also all of my animation blueprints and animation montages before are using the very same UE4_Mannequin.

As expected, I can drag & apply the sequence into the animation montage using the UE4_Mannequin without any problem.

But when I try to drag the idle pose of the bought material into the AnimGraph area of an animation blueprint window. It says “Skeletons are NOT compatible.” How could that be possible? This animation blueprint use the very same skeleton as the AnimMontage I just mentioned, and the idle pose I added is targeted to UE4_Mannequin as well !!

Can somebody give me suggestions about what could be the problems?

Okay, I did find out why does this happen.

I’m answering if someone does visit this thread.

The problem I met that the animation sequence is not shown or listed for a skeleton is actually due to the duplicate of the skeleton. Although the new skeleton DOES has very same structure as the original, but UE4Editor still treat them as TWO skeletons because they’re 2 different files.

So the conclusion is:
Your have to (1)retarget it or (2)replace the reference for the animation sequence to make it compatible with the skeleton you want.
And (2) is only available if the structure of new and old skeletons have very same structure. (Bone name and hierarchy)