Cannot select spline control points or segements

Not sure what’s going on but there are a couple splines that I cannot select any longer and my map crashes when I try to load it up. Happened in 4.13 and I tried upgrading the project to 4.14 with the same thing happening.

I noticed this also. The way I get it to work is by toggling the “close loop” option. It makes the points selectable once again.

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oh wait. I completely misread that. Sorry, you wrote spline but I read spline points. I’ll leave it just in case someone has the issue I was referring to. :slight_smile:

Here’s a short video showing the issue

Hey KernalPanic,

Thanks for providing the video as it was helpful in understanding what is occurring.

Would you happen to have a way of reproducing this in a new blank project?

So just for your own bit of information when debugging, if you ever need to know if there is a console command for something, you can use the Help > Console Variables HTML printout.

It will generate a searchable HTML browser of console commands so you can check to see the definition and default value of each.

Let me know if you have additional questions.


Hi, thx for responding. Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce the error in a new project. This project is about 4 months of work so starting from scratch highly undesirable. I mean I’ll have to do it unless I’m able to get these splines removed from the level and everything opens up normally.

No problem. My only suggestion then would be to delete your Saved, Config, and Intermediate folders. Be sure to make copies of them first, but once you do this, reload your project and let me know if that resolved it.

Thank you,

I think this thread was erroneously marked resolved. I was able to get the spline deleted. As after I redid the map I had this happen again. I was about to go crazy, but instead I troubleshot until I came up with a workaround to get the map to open again.

  • Open the map on it’s own. (not from the main tiled level that your world composer is set to)
  • Right click LandscapeProxy in the World Outliner and select Duplicate.
  • You will probably get a warning that your are about to copy a bunch of stuff. Select OK.
  • Wait for the engine to duplicate the proxy (this can take sometime depending on the complexity of your landscape) When it’s finished you will get a bunch of overlap errors, ignore them and close the map checker dialog box.
  • From the World Outliner select the original LandscapeProxy and delete it. This will remove the erroneous splines but also and valid splines as well :frowning: But at least you’ll be able to open up your map from the streamable levels again.

I put together a little video outlining the issue, the fix, and also asking for clarification from Epic on how to property handle these. I suspect it’s due to something with having the splines placed in the streaming levels.

[Here’s the link to the video.][2]

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