Cannot save/load combobox

Are you trying to save the whole combobox or just the index selected?

You should have a table of strings to use for your combobox, then just save a list of references to those strings and the index of the selection in the combobox.


I’m new to UE4(1 week) and I’m having issues with saving and loading a combobox.


I have a text_field (HERO_NAME) which I populate and then press a button (CREATE_HERO). This action will populate a combobox (SELECT_HERO). This combobox is disabled if there are no values in it.

I have made 3 functions as seen bellow:

Now, I’ve managed to save all the options bellow the GLOBAL varriable by following this tutorial (- YouTube)

I would like to save the combobox (SELECT_HERO) options in the variable SELECT_HERO_CB when I press the button CREATE_HERO (meaning I add 1 value at a time). Then close the game and reopen. Upon reopen I need to have the SELECT_HERO combobox already populated with the values from previous sessions.

Thank you!

I am trying to save the whole combobox( I managed to save the options as a string array an then populate the combobox on load). However I wish to save the combobox as a new combobox object. And on load simply assign the whole combobox (it is going to be filled with objects not with strigs). One object will looke like this (NAME, DIFFICULTY, HERO IDLE ANIM, HERO SAVE FILE)