Cannot rotate actor

I cannot rotate my character no matters what I try it always fails. Here are my blueprint, I tried both but still fails:

I have already check and uncheck use controller rotation yaw in class default but still failed
I have already check and uncheck lock rotation in character mesh but still failed. How to rotate my character then?

What do you mean with failed? No rotation at all?
Take the first one. Print string the rotator value after the AddActorLocalRotation. What happens? What’s the Rotationpersecond value? When you defined the inputaxis input, did you set a value for it?

Yes no rotation at all. the print string result is P=0.0000 Y=15.00000 =0.000000. Rotationpersecond value is 15.0
I set the value of inputaxis input which is 5

So, the first one with “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” unchecked is not working. Ok.

  1. Is there anything else in the BP, like in the Tick?
  2. Are you using a controller class?
  3. Did you create your character from scratch or did you use some template? If so, what did you change.
  1. I dont set anything in the tick event, I only set for movement, firing weapon, HUD, event any damage and this rotation.
  2. im using default playercontroller
  3. I create from scratch

Try creating a new character with only the rotation code.