Cannot resolve dependency on FoliageEdit in editor plugin

Hi, I am writing an editor plugin making use of FEdModeFoliage. When I call any function on an instance of FEdModeFoliage, the symbol gets unresolved at link time, even though I have added the FoliageEdit module in dependency (build.cs file). Any idea? Thanks.

I found an answer here: Unresolved external symbol - accessing Editor Mode static method - Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums
The class does not have the export symbol, so is not visible externally. This is ridiculous, how can we make editor plugins if editor features are not exported?

You can either add the export yourself in your own engine build (and distribute that as needed), or make the change locally and petition Epic to include it in the next update. Marking all classes for export is an easy thing to miss as you can create functional code - it’s just not expandable by 3rd parties.

Yes this is what I am planning to do, I’m getting the source code, will make the changes and make a pull request. However I need to scope exactly what needs to be exported from the FoliageEdit module and potentially others. My goal is to make it possible to make procedural foliage from a C++ plugin so we don’t have to live with the restrictions of the built-in procedural foliage spawner tool.