Cannot reset collision preset from "Custom" on instances in scene

Steps to produce:

  1. Create a BP extending Actor.

  2. Add a static mesh component

  3. set the collision profile to any of the presets

  4. drag an instance of this class into the scene

  5. change the collision profile of the scene instance’s static mesh to “Custom”

  6. Try to change it back

Current Behavior:

  • The collision profile will not change from “Custom” after attempting to select an alternative from the drop-down
  • The collision profile cannot be reverted to the profile defined in the blueprint via the “Reset to default” button. This button has no visible effect
  • Changes to the collision profile in the blueprint do not propagate to the scene instance

Expected Behavior

  • The collision profile should change to whatever is selected from the drop-down after being set to custom -or- if the collision profile is not editable intentionally, it should be greyed out to indicate this.
  • Clicking “reset to default” should change the collision profile to whatever it was set to in the blueprint



I can confirm this. We’re having the same issue.

Having same issue

Also have this issue

Hey, we’re having the same issue, with both UE4.27 and UE5.0.1


I also have this issue, had you solved it since then?