Cannot rename a timeline after duplication

If you create a timeline, duplicate it, you cannot rename this newly created timeline. I’m just going to include all steps from my previous bug report, although these may not all be required to repro bug.

Edit: To be clear, duplication only fails if you select timeline in list of variables on left side of screen and duplicate it from there. If you select timeline node in event graph and duplicate from there it works.

So steps to repro this:

Create a new BP subclassed from HUD

Right click in event graph, pick Add Timeline… from there

Create a dummy variable and give it a category, which it appears under.

Select timeline and set its category to this new one. It knows it should be in this category, but it is not moved under category.

Select new timeline that was made from duplication and edit Variable name: below and press enter/tab. name reverts back and your changes are ignored.

or - Right click new time line, pick “Rename” from popup menu and type in a new name. name reverts back and your changes are ignored.

Edit: You also cannot double click this new timeline and edit it. : (

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this behavior. It seems duplicating a Timeline in MyBlueprint tab only creates a variable of same type with same tooltip, but it doesn’t actually function as a Timeline and it cannot be renamed. Interestingly, even attempting to do duplicate a Timeline this way will crash 4.6.1. I have entered a bug report for developers (UE-7392) and will let you know when I see an update. Thanks for report!

Is anyone else still experiencing this ? I think I am.

Still in 2023 !