Cannot remove footwear

The documentation suggests that you can click and article of clothing once to use it, and then a second time to remove it. This seems to be possible for clothing tops and pants, but not for footwear. Is it not possible to remove the footwear?


Currently you can only get them down to their sandles. We could remove the footwear in blender (or I assume Maya) afterwards. It wouldn’t be too difficult.

I had no trouble removing the footwear in the Blueprint on a figure in her underwear, in the mesh box

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right! Excellent point. Easy to do right in Unreal.

It depends what it is you want to do. If you want a mesh that you can create your own clothes from there is a preview mesh for each type in unreal that you can export as fbx into Maya and has skeleton and weighting information, no clothes, no sandals.

I’m aware that this is easy to do in Unreal or edit in Maya and export as FBX, I’m just saying that it seems almost like a bug in the Metahuman Creator UI itself that the footwear functionality behaves differently than the shirt and pants. Maybe not quite a bug, but it seems like it would be easy to add the same “None” option to footwear so we don’t have to export it out unnecessarily and then edit afterward to remove it.