Cannot package or launch

Trying to package my first game for the January Jam - the game runs when I hit “Play” but not if I try to launch or package :frowning: hopefully ya’ll can see what’s wrong link text

More info - I’ve tried this with both 4.6 and 4.7 - using Blueprints only, no Visual Studio or code

It looks like UBT is throwing the following error:
Program.Main: ERROR: Exception in UnrealBuildTool: ERROR: Visual Studio 2012 is no longer supported for building the editor and host platform tools. Please also install Visual Studio 2013.

Is this running an installed build, and do you have any versions of Visual Studio installed?

I do have Visual Studios 2012 but I’ve never used it with UE4 only my work stuff

well I uninstalled VS 2012 and installed 2013 - still cannot package :frowning:

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

I’ve raised a bug regarding your original error (UE-7755).

Has this changed the error at all? Could you post an updated log.

Your first issue was because UBT was ignoring the fact that UAT had been passed the -NoCompile flag, and was reporting that VS2012 was an invalid compiler despite the fact that we weren’t actually going to use it for anything.

I was able to package after all this, although initially at first it didn’t but I didn’t save the log and I played around with settings and deleted folders and such - I will play some more today and see / make sure I can package stuff

I’ve packaged a few games today without any problems - I think I’m good (I should have update my VS2012 a while ago anyway) :wink: