Cannot open UE5 Project in VS 2022

I ran the epic games installer in vs 2022 and it was
I don’t see a sln. file in my unreal project.
Went to file>open in Unreal Editor and don’t see Open In
Visual Studio in the menu.
I’m not finding any answers when searching.
Thanks for any Help

Ok, I’m actually answering my both posts I put up, but maybe good info.

What I had to do for UE5 and vs 2022 was:
Right click on my MyProject.unproject file and in the context
menu look for Generate Visual Studio project files, if you don’t
see it click Show More Options and you will see it.

If you get an error and for instance the message box says you are missing a .net core framework then copy the link it gives you and down load and install the framework, I used desktop x64 download.

It generated the solution file MyProject.sln

Opened up vs 2022 and opened the project no problem so didn’t have to open visual studio from the UE5 editor.


Thanks for this!