Cannot open Source file on APaperCharacter

I’m trying to make a change to the APaperCharacter that is basically adding a new component to it, called MagicComponent that will handle magic casting aswell as receiving magic effects properly. I can add the component to a C++ child of APaperCharacter, but if i try to add it to APaperCharacter, both .h and c++, i’ll get an error on the include file, saying “Cannot Open Source file …”. If i don’t add the include, i’ll not get any errors, but the component will not be added. Compiling when there’s the including giving erros, i’ll get several compile erros, all of them are the kind that really aren’t there, like a ; in a wrong place, a * where there shouldn’t be one, etc, aswell as the files of the MagicComponent start giving errors that will disappear after removing the include from APaperCharacter.

I tried to add the search path to the folder, but it didn’t work, even tough i’m not sure if i did it right.

In theory, even though i didn’t test, creating a child of APaperCharacter and modify it instead could work, but i’ve had similar problems before that i didn’t bother fixing because there were an easy way out with BP(the actor was extremely simple, unlike the MagicComponent), so fixing should be better, as it’ll probably prevent me from running into errors in the future.

Not nice modifying the engine code just for that… if you really want to do that, grab the source code in the github and recompile the entire engine and modify it for your needs.
But just for that… not recommended