Cannot open source file "BoneControllers/AnimNode_SkeletalControlBase.h"

I’ve spent a good chunk of time messing around with my code and searching on Discord and on Google for solutions, but I’m either unable to find anything or I’m unable to interpret what might be a solution. All I’m trying to do is take some code directly from the Third Person Character Extension (TPCE) plugin and create my own plugin. This is a learning exercise for me, since I’m just now learning c++, but I’m hitting walls at every step. The main issue, so far as I can tell, is that Visual Studio is telling me it cannot open the source file “BoneControllers/AnimNode_SkeletalControlBase.h.”

I made sure the AnimGraphRuntime module is in my .Build.cs file. Even with that, I get errors.

I still can’t figure out the reason behind this error. Is anyone able to offer any more thoughts?