Cannot open project locked on another machine

Can I open the project made on another machine with anonymous CR version?

I triedd to open it both in my login version and another anonymous version. No success.

Can I use such project in another machine in any way?

Hello dear user, 
anonymous basically stands for PPI license anyways and therefore this cannot be done. PPI projects created and saved on a specific machine will stay locked to it. Other license types do not have this kind of restriction.

Ok. I understand. 

If I opened CR and login to my account, made and paid PPI ready model, save as mesh, then can I open it (or future edit) on another my machine? Or this PPI model is locked to this one machine only?

How to move to another machine? Just export a whole directory of project and source images?

The model itself, obj for example, is not locked and you can open it in another software at any time on any machine. If you want to work on another machine with RC and this dataset. You have to take all of the source images and create a clean new project on the other machine. Pictures will already be licensed so you will not need to pay again.