Cannot open include file

I am trying to include a file in my game’s source folder from a plugin in game’s plugins folder and vice versa include a file from the plugin’s folder in the game’s source.

“Cannot open include file: ‘FirstPersonHUD.h’: No such file or directory
E:\Unreal Projects\Roleplay\Plugins\Spiracle\SpiracleOS\Source\SpiracleOS\Classes\MyUIWidget.h
The FirstPersonHUD.h file is at:
"E:\Unreal Projects\Roleplay\Source\FirstPerson\Private\FirstPersonHUD.cpp"

Sorry that the information and formating is not very good, this made me so frustrated that I just don’t feel like living anymore D:

Think about it for a second. A plugin is meant to be a self-contained, independent block of functionality that you can add to your project. If you were to start pulling in dependencies from your project to the plugin, it would no longer be self-contained and independent.

Since you seem to be working on UI stuff, odds are highly likely the UI widget you are using has delegates and bindings that can be used to avoid dependencies like this.