Cannot open include file: 'VivoxCore.h'

Disclaimer: I’m a Unix/Linux programmer so apologies upfront if this is a basic Windows thing…

For testing I am using Unreal 4.25 with a freshly installed ThirdPerson project and nothing else. I’ve tested with Vivox Unreal plugins and have installed it specific to a single project (Unreal sees the plugin and shows it active). I’ve also tested on two separate machines, with the second one being a fresh install of Visual Studio and Unreal 4.25. The demo program Vivox supplies (ShooterGame) works great, so I assume it must be some configuration issue.

After adding #include “VivoxCore.h” (and nothing else) to my code and building with Visual Studio it returns:

… fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘VivoxCore.h’: No such file or directory

If I put in the full path #include “…/…/…/Plugins/VivoxCoreUE4Plugin/Source/VivoxCore/Public/VivoxCore.h” then the error moves to VivoxCore.h:

… fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘Vxc.h’: No such file or directory

It seems like an include path issue, but have used “Generate Visual Studio project files” and it didn’t fix anything. One thing I noticed that Visual Studio’s Include Directories look very different between my test program and ShooterGame, even after using “Generate Visual Studio project files” on both of them.

Note: Adding Include Directories for the “missing” header files just raises other errors, so there’s something else I’m missing.

Thank you for any assistance!

Make sure that you have included the Vivox module in your Build.cs file, I make this mistake a lot.

Thanks! That was it - rookie mistake!

It happens, good luck with that project :smiley:

Also make sure, you have selected the right “Solution platform” in Visual Studio.
In my case, i got the same error using Win32 instead of Win64