Cannot open include file Px.h

I followed Ramas tutorial here. I’ve added the include “PhysXIncludes.h”. I’ve also added “PhysX”, “APEX” to the Public dependencies in my Build.cs. I deleted the intermediate folder and re-generated my project files just to be sure. Yet when I compile I get the error message “Cannot open include file: ‘Px.h’: No such file or directory”. I did a quick search and I can see the header files listed here on my computer


I did not download the PhysX source code because I see it already in the directory. Including the .sln files to compile the PhysX/ APEX code myself. So now I’m not sure what else to do. I definitely need to be able to use PxVec3 variable.

Including the header on the engine side ProceduralMeshComponent did not work but creating a derived class of the ProceduralMeshComponent and including the header there did.