Cannot move objects using the move tool

I was working on my project then suddenly the move tool stopped working
I can still rotate and scale though.

video preview

Right click on your actor and check if you haven’t locked the transform by accident.

I think maybe you have your grid set very high:



its already at 5

i can’t move anything at all not just one

Thanks in advance

I’m just wondering. Why do you have that animation playing when you click the widget? ( the blue sort of hightlight thing ).

Where is that coming from?

The screen recorder I use.

Same thing is happening to me and it’s driving me nuts. You have to move camera slightly in order for Move tool to work, but that is not a solution.

You can understand how production is suffering if you have to move your camera before moving the asset with move tool each time.

If anyone figured out the solution for this, please let us know

My translate tool is also not behaving correctly, i can get it to stop working if i play in editor or if i load or unload heavy levels. Its slowing me down, i have to restart the editor with all levels unloaded to get it back again. Any news on a fix would be great.

Thank you this fixed my issue :pray:t5:

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