Cannot make a new level?

When i make a new level and try to save it i get this error message can someone tell me whats going on?


Check if you are saving it into the right file path (Doc-UnrealProjects-TestDemo 4.3 - Content) -> you should save all your assets in the content folder of your project :slight_smile:

The path is the right one thats where my project is located. I can save on the main level but if i try to make a new level then save the new level that error appears.

Hmm, pretty strange. Probably it’s the same problem that people had before the 4.3 -> https://answers.unrealengine/questions/15107/why-cant-i-save-a-level.html When this is the case, post a thread onto answerhub :slight_smile:

Some suggestions:
-try it in a new project
-reinstall the engine
-try it in an older version

Ok so after looking over the forum you linked i found out that it was trying to save the map in another project i had with a similar name. Thanks for the help!