Cannot launch game in android,please see the log file

Please i want to do simple package for android mobile,i cannot i get errors,i have done all necessary installations and android deployment requirements. My device is seen in both launcher and device manger,
i get error as seen in the log,Please give me the problem solver,
Awaiting for your replylink text

Guys please i have done all the necessary things please anyone answer

Hi shrst,

Looking at your log it appears that there is a problem with a plugin…

For troubleshooting purposes, please try packaging with all plugins disabled.

If you are intentionally using a plugin, what plugin are you using?

If a third party plugin, have you contacted their support?

Are you able to package a blank, Third Person template project successfully for Android?

Please respond with this information and we will continue to investigate.

Thank you,


hi I m able to solve the problem,thanks to this video everything i did as per the video

and It worked, I installed the template slider project in my xiaomi Mi max (Which is shown as non supported device).
sincere thanks to the video uploader He should be awarded by Unreal or Epic,for showing a step by step solution.
Hope they upload such tutorials in future,

Thank you for pointing toward the video that solved your issue. I’m sure other users will find this useful as well. It is difficult to solve every user’s issue solely on our own so we count on a great community to supplement our learning guides and AnswerHub with resources like the video you’ve linked to.