Cannot Launch Editor

Running Centos7 VM on a windows 10 machine.
Followed wiki guidance here -
Windows has the updated Nvidia graphics driver as this tutorial seems to point to building on a regular clean centos 7 non VM install.
Successfully got through all the downloading and configuring from this tutorial.
The error I get when launching UE4Editor is:

So i tried

./UE4Editor -nullrhi

, it thought for a while and did not load with lots of logging to the terminal telling me to use the flag -vmapoolevict.

So i tried

./UE4Editor -nullrhi -vmapoolevict

and it hangs on loading fonts after a little thinking.

This is UE version 4.23.0, perhaps i need to download an older release. I bet that’s it.

You can’t run 3D graphics intensive software like UE4 on a virtual machine, they just don’t have enough support for stuff like that.