Cannot install Datasmith for 3ds max 2022.

" No supported version of 3ds Max have been found" I get this error when I run the setup file. I use 3DS max 2022. I tried the older version of data smith but that resulted in same error. Any help would be appreciated thank you.


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Which version of the exporter are you using?
Datasmith Exporter for 3DS Max should work with Max 2022 for exporter 4.27 and 5.0

Hey thank you for getting back. I’m using the latest Datasmith version available in the website. When I double click the installation setup file, I get that error first thing.

Thank you.

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After pressing OK, I get this window which closes after pressing finish.

Then I am not sure.
If you have time you could try to uninstall reinstall 3ds max 2022.
Also, remove all versions of the Datasmith 3ds Max exporter

Maybe @Antoine_Guillo might have better ideas.

I recently reinstalled the 3DS max. And datasmith has yet to be installed for it to remove. This is my first time, so no other version has been installed yet. Thank you.

Hi! I faced a similar problem. Please tell me if you managed to find a solution?

Hi! I´m facing the same problem, i have both 3dsmax 2022 and 3dsmax 2023. i tried to install Datasmith from version 4.27 to 5.3 and got the same error in all cases.

I don´t know what to do, and also tried to install Datasmith in Revit and it works well

Someone who got a solution at these days?

any solution