Cannot Install after Drive Removal

I wiped an SSD that I have not removed yet to return. The wipe was a special kind that can fix an SSD(sanitize) which it did not. I could GPT it, give it letter E: and Epic installer would not give me the "invalid . . . name . . maybe but what happens when I remove it? When the company sends me a replacement? and I cannot call spinner drive C: drive E: So there is a program that messes with the registry and I have tried manually but I quit and thought lets see what Epic says. And please continue to work on your installer+launcher I know it’s not your thing from memory leaks in the old days to this stuff but your really on the map now so can we step it up a notch. Like provide your own tool/ a tool/a reasonable fix/a more adaptive installer- something please. This is important cause I’m planning a lot more hard drive + hardware + new machines this year.