Cannot install 4.23 from Launcher

I can’t install the new version from the EpicLauncher.
UE 4.23.0 version. (not preview)

I have the same issue. Paths have not changed since 4.22.

Same issue here. even after removing some of the previous versions

mine says the launcher is still running then wont instal

Same here too, please fix asap

I have a partial fix: You need to select another folder. If you want to install it in the same folder you’ll always get this error message. If you want to wait for a fix you can do that but if you really want or need to work with UE 4.23 you just need to select another folder.

Same To Me

Me too!!!

Really, looks to me unjustifiable that after weeks this issue is still around. Epic!!! I want to install UE4 wherever I need!

I can’t find any option related to that. Maybe is in the UE4 settings itself (not the Launcher)?

I figured it out. Go on settings (on Epic Games Launcher), and turn off “open Epic Games automatically” or something like that. Uncheck everything that has to do with that. Then, search ue4.23 and install it from the website.

Ohhh, it’s run when my computer starts. Wait, did you try pressing the plus sign when it shows what versions you have?

Nevermind, it’s your storage.

I installed it yesterday, though.

First of all, I get it this like 1 week ago I change so many things and I found out
my problem with the C cache file size I delete so much about C Disk and I change the new ue4 location to D Disk
Then All is okay But if you still getting error try to Run Admin.

Is this a x86 case, whereby you have to install it to the Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files?

Also having this issue.
I can still install 4.15.3 to the same drive,
but trying to install 4.23.1 gives the
“Maximum Path length exceeded … error code IS-PL01”

Obviously the path is D: drive letter, program files, epic… so the length of the file path is not actually the issue.
And given that 4.15.3 will install to it’s own directory along this same path, this is a bug in 4.23.1

  1. went to support: this error code is not even listed in their documentation.

  2. tried admin. Doesn’t make a difference.

  3. checked the logs.


It turns out that this has NOTHING to do with the file path that you choose.

This is a crash because the install file is trying to create this thing:

[2019.11.17-16.04.17:406][728]LogBuildPatchServices: Error: Could not create new file due to exceeding maximum path length D:/Program Files (x86)/Epic Games/UE_4.23/.egstore/bps/Install/Engine/Plugins/Developer/Concert/ConcertSync/ConcertSyncServer/Intermediate/Build/Win64/UnrealDisasterRecoveryService/Development/ConcertSyncServer/UnrealDisasterRecoveryService-ConcertSyncServer.lib

This isn’t a user chosen thing, but a bug in the Unreal installer.
It then immediately throws the error:

[2019.11.17-16.04.17:406][728]LogBuildPatchServices: Error: EBuildPatchInstallError::PathLengthExceeded PL01

This should be fixed immediately.
Who knows if it will be.
(I guess it’s possible there are other explanations, or other independent causes of the error… but check your logs after an install attempt and see if this matches your experience)

Following Na1den’s suggestion, I have managed to get 4.23.1 to install. It did not work once, then did later, including some relaunches and restarts.

  1. Still is not on primary drive, so still on D: drive, so that didn’t make a difference
  2. Moved it out of the default Program Files \ Epic Games .…(where it wasn’t working) to a Program Files \ Epic2 (where it now is working)
    Though other attempts hadn’t worked before, so I couldn’t tell ya what changed.
  3. Every time it failed on install previously I did notice that the install attempt had left behind directories and files that weren’t deleted, so perhaps there are unnoticed or hidden files that are not deleted after previous uninstalls that then cause the file system hiccup and create overly lengthy file names.

Finally got around this by renaming the EpicGames folder in C to Ep. It was creating that file that people discussed and removing those letters was enough to get it to install.

Hi, I am having the same issue. Windows 10, latest version of the installer - grayed out PLUS button and disabled INSTALL button on upper right. Any solves? I tried giving permissions to the executables, changing the cache folder etc and nothing works. Would appreciate anyone’s help here.