Cannot inherit base rotation in third person

Hello again,

I made a post about this in the forums

Basically I cannot make the third person pawn inherit the rotation of the object he is walking on unless I check “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” but then that messes up the movement.

I have posted a workaround in the thread but I really think this should be fixed in an upcoming release.

Hi TK-Master,

Have you tried something like this setup?

It would need some modifications if you want the player to stay in one space until you choose to jump off, however in this example the player mesh and capsule are rotated without having to affect the controller rotation Yaw, which should prevent camera quirks when sitting on an object.

Hey , thanks for your reply.

Please read my forum post since I have explained it much better there… I have already posted a workaround too (check the forum link) it’s a lot more complicated than you are thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

I only posted it here since this is something that should be working by default in my opinion!

Hi TK-Master,

This is not done automatically. Currently, you must tell objects to affect one another and in what way to do so. I have entered a feature request, UE-13725 to potentially address automatically updating character rotation based on objects in level, however the above image shows the current type of standard that is to be expected when you want object interaction such as this and would not be considered a workaround.

Keep in mind however that there is already a “Ignore Base Rotation” variable build in so this is supposed to be working by default, it already works in first person too… it’s just the third person that has this problem so I still think this is a bug.

Also my workaround (from the forum thread) has apparently camera gimbal lock problem so I would greatly appreciate if you guys fixed this :stuck_out_tongue:

After further review, it has been determined that the boolean itself is bugged as you stated. I have entered a bug report, UE-13797 to be assessed by the development staff. The above screenshot will work, however the Ignore Base Rotation boolean is not working as intended currently.

I just fixed this for 4.8. This was indeed an issue when there was no UseControllerRotationYaw set, as in the ThirdPersonTemplate where they use OrientRotationToMovement instead. Thanks for the bug report!