Cannot import OBJ into Unity

Hello there,

I cannot import an OBJ-file into Unity or view it with any other OBJ-compatible viewer. In Unity, the import process just stops at 20%. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!



Hi ExperPsycho,

what version of RealityCapture do you have? How big is your OBJ model?

Hi Ondrej Trhan CR,

the version is 1.1.15122RC and the OBJ is about 2,24 GB. I know, that is quite big, but im working on an Intel i9, 64GB RAM and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. 

Thanks for your help!



Did you tried it open somewhere else? Can you reimport this model back into RealityCapture?

Can you try create smaller model in RealityCapture and try, if you will be able to work with this model?

What were your export settings?

  • We used other programs, simple OBJ viewers, but couldn’t open the file.

  • I couldn’t get hands on another computer, yet.

  • I can reimport it, not problems.

  • That model was a test ballon for a much larger project. I am using VR for psychological experiments investigating memory, and we are going to need more and much larger scenes, so I do not want to downgrade the quality. That scene is just two motorcycles in a garage. 

  • I did’t change any export settings; default I suppose. (Normal Quality, some automated topology adjustments,…)

It is possible that it is a quite big file for the simple 3D viewers.

If you can it reimport, then it shouldn’t be corrupted and should work also for other software. Can you send us this file for testing?

The proposal about smaller model was about trying, if it is possible to do import in Unity, not for general exports

I was afraid that it is too big, but as the promo projects look bigger I was keeping my hopes up. I got the file in a cloud, but do not want to make it public due to the license plates on the motorcycles. 

If you could sent an email to luvre(at), I could give you the link.

Good point, I will try.