Cannot import houdini simulations (alembic)


So I have placed some assets, from quixel into unreal, group them, export as fbx into houdini, then made a simple cloth simulation, exported the cloth sim as fbx, but it always gives me error

“Failed to import ‘M:\Project D\LEGEND\Scenes\breach 4K\unreal port\houdini\Railing cloth sim\’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/Railing_Cloth’.
Please see Output Log for details.”



I think you should look Output log to get more information about the error. Recently I faced some problems while importing alembic to UE from Houdini. In my case, I have polygons with edges greater than 3 or 4 edges.

The solution that I found was the “Divide” node that helped me to remake bad polygons into triangles.