Cannot import assets

Hey all,

New to game development and UE4. I’ve built a 3D enviroment, got the walls and doorways done. However I want to add 3D models and downloaded textures.

I’ve downloaded some assets and they show in the content browser, I drag them into the game world and they lose their texture instead going to the greyscale checkerboard? The preview in content browser has also at this point reverted to no texture.
I’ve tried Googling and trying to find videos on YouTube but nothing quite matches this issue.

One example is I am trying to import this glass asset to make windows: UE4 Material – Glass | Unreal Engine 4 blog
But it happens with anything I import.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

How have you imported the assets?

-when you have just drag and dropped the assets/folder into your content folder, it could be that you have lost some references -> you always have to make sure that you keep the exact same folder structure as the original assets/folder
-when you have imported them with the import button from the content browser -> when you import a mesh, it will be imported without a texture/material. In that case you have to import everything manually + create a material + assign it to your mesh (you can also tell UE4 that it should import the mesh + texture + automatically creates and assigns the material, but that does not work with every 3d tool) :slight_smile: