cannot import Assets from one project to another

Hi, I am a newbie to Unreal Engine, so the answer may seem obvious to some of you, but I cannot figure out how to import content from one project to another. I created a multi-layered material in my first project to paint my landscape with rocks, grass, moss, and dirt. I wanted to bring that into my new project. When I tried to use the import button and went to the file on my other project where it is at, there was nothing there. So I opened it up in windows and my assets were still there. I know from fooling around with it yesterday that I can just click and drag fbx files of my own into the system, so I thought I would try dragging it into the content folder that way. However, when I try this it gives me an error message basically saying failed to import TerrainMap.uasset, and then says the system does not recognize the file extension .uasset. I find that odd since that seems to be the proprietary extension for unreal engine. I tried it for a few other items from the old project, same problem. Is it not possible to import assets created in one project to another?

You cant import uasset files -> you will have to migrate it :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for directing me to that video, that helps a lot.