Cannot Import Alembic file on Mac

Plain and simple.

The importer is enabled in the preferences.

and the file is greyed out. I tried restarting the editor, exporting from different programs, and all the .abc files are greyed out.

Curious as I have the same problem

Same here.
Running UE 4.13.2 with Alembic Importer Beta Version 0.1 on a Mac Pro with OS X 10.10.5
Files are greyed out in the import dialogue. Drag & dropping .abc files into content browser brings up error message “Unknown extension ‘abc’”.
The importer however is correctly activated in the plugins browser without any warnings and I couldn’t find any official info on limitations concerning Mac, so I’m wondering what’s wrong here. As I understand this should simply work on all platforms, right?

I’m having the same problem as well. I think all Mac users have this problem

Hello… somebody have resolved these problem…?? I install unreal 4.13 and 4.14.2 on Mac OS 10.12.2 Sierra, and did not import .abc files. it did not recognize…

Looking at the Trello road map it seems this is an issue they are aware of and it has been fixed in 4.15
So you will have to wait for that release.

Note that the docs currently mark this feature as experimental.