Cannot get UMG to scale on mobile devices

Hi guys, i hope this is the right place to post this, I couldn’t find a section for UMG/UI stuff, and it is related to trying to deploy an app on iOS devices so here we go.

Long story short, testing within UE4, both the PIE and Mobile Preview, my UI is correctly scaling on different target devices/resolutions. however, when I actually compile and test on said target devices, my UI is scaling incorrectly, giving me an inconsistant (and in some cases unplayable) experience.

To start, this is how it looks in the Mobile Preview (set to an iPhone 4S resolution as a “worst case” scenario

All looks good. However, here is the exact same build running on an iPhone 5S

As you can see, the UI is not scaling as expected, cutting off half the screen

iPhone 6S Plus

Screenshot of my widget scaling settings, set us as per the instructions found here - Scale UI for Different Devices | Unreal Engine Documentation

any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: (also, for what it’s worth, i get the same issue on android devices)

I have this same issue, only when i go from a “standard” resolution to a non-standard (my example is 5760x1080)
i get some really weird UMG things on the wrong screens (3 screens stretched)
example: half my right side menu items are on the left most screen. partial remaining items are in the middle screen or, in the right place. I think it may have to do with anchors … guess i will have to double check

By default UE4 runs at a lower resolution than native on the iPhone 5S and lower, which means your UI scaling is falling in that flat line at the left of your UI scaling curve. Add more points to that curve so the UI can scale to lower than its current minimum.