Cannot get Skeletal Meshes to display LODs properly

I’m having some trouble setting up LODs for a skeletal mesh. In my test have two LODs and am trying to set the Screen Size so that the LOD change is sufficiently in the distance to avoid popping. To be certain about which LOD is showing, I’ve sent the material of LOD1 to a bright colour.

My main issue is that I can’t set the ScreenSize to a sufficiently low value (say under 0.5, but seems to depend on other factors) and have LOD1 show in game. And also that when I put multiple copies of my mesh in game then not all of them show LOD1 correctly.

For example:

  1. I copy my mesh into the scene and set 0.5 ScreenSize. Shows LOD1 in editor and game.

  2. I change ScreenSize to something less than 0.5 and the editor still shows LOD1 but the game doesn’t. How much lower than 0.5 seems to be determined by a hidden factor because I’ve had it so I can’t go below 0.49, and I’ve had it where I can go as low as 0.3. This is in various different tests of dragging the mesh to and copying the mesh in the scene. I’ve been unable to determine a pattern.

  3. If I have my one mesh and I duplicate that mesh 4 times so I have 5 in a row. I set ScreenSize to 0.5 and they all work (show LOD1 in game). Set to 0.3 and the first copy stops working but the others work. Set to 0.25 and the first 2 copies stops working. Set to 0.2 and the first 3 copies stop working. Set to 0.1 and they all stop working.