Cannot get projectile movement component velocity to match forward vector

Hi, so I know that others have had similar issues with this but none of the fixes i’ve encountered seem to make a difference in my particular case. I’ve wasted so many hours trying to figure this out, any help would be appreciated.

So i’ve got 2 variants of a pickup, one that is static and is meant to be dropped, which works fine, and one that is a projectile to be launched. It spawns in the right spot (on a scene component) but the Velocity of the Projectile Movement Component seems dead set on only going in one direction. I’ve tried zeroing out the velocity and trying to alter it within the blueprint instead. It spawns in the right spot, just jets off in the wrong direction. I’ve read that sometimes having an actor with simulate physics enabled can cause bugs with the projectile movement component, but i need that enabled. If there’s some other way to just launch this thing forward without bothering with the projectile movement component, please tell me. I just want the thing to go where the vehicle is aiming…

Gave up on projectile movement component and used add force instead. I should have thought of this hours ago.