Cannot get mouse inputs to work

Hi all. I have watched numerous tutorials on player input, searched various posts on the forums, and cannot seem to find something that works.

Basically, I am trying to have a vehicle that accelerates when the mouse-wheel is scrolled down (like one mouse wheel click is 10% acceleration, and 10 clicks is full acceleration – like an RPM gauge), and vise versa with mouse wheel up. And also trying to get the left/right mouse movements to yaw the vehicle side to side while moving.

I can get the mouse to work for looking around, but that’s it. I can’t get any of the buttons to do anything, even at a very basic level. Here’s the current setup:

But I have tried numerous other setups as well, such as the one from this thread (which doesn’t even work for me): Setting Mouse Buttons As Movement - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

First of all both mouseWheelup/down should be scaled to +1 in most instances.

Secondly, can you show us the blueprint youve created thats not working?

Youll probably want something like MouseWheelUp → IncrementInt(setSpeed)

Make setSpeed an integer value and then in eventTick take setSpeed * 10 and then use it to move the vehicle using something like addLocalOffset with the return of setSpeed*10 into the float input of a getForwardVector * float

Simple and effective, should get you started. Be careful with axis scale if they are set to -1 you sometimes need to negate it so you get positive, or change the scale to positive.

Hope this helps
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Thank you for your reply. I am still really new, and wasn’t able to do quite what you suggested, but I was able to do something else:

It still doesn’t work, I get no movement whatsoever. Am I at least heading in the right direction? Basically I increment during acceleration until it gets to 10, and decrement during deceleration until it reaches 0. Thanks again.

So after stumbling upon this thread I was able to get everything working.