Cannot get landscape texture to look right

Hi guy so i have a terrain material that uses 3 layers of base color and 3 layers of normal maps

that is my setup but it looks terrible on unreal it looks very grainy and no matter what i do i cannot get it to look anywhere near what i would like i tried to post another screenshot but for whatever reason i could not get it to work

You have to make sure that you use seamless textures for the terrain material + take a look at the grass/rock materials from the starter content, there you see, that they randomly add some noise/other textures into the material to make it look better :slight_smile:

The textures i used are all 1024x1024 and claim to be seamless but maybe they are not. The problem i am having is that the tile size is very small and no matter what i do i cannot make it bigger also . the whole landscape looks horrible like extremely grainy like tv static but not black and white i hope that makes sense

I had the same issues when starting out and it was my normal maps creating such a terrible look. Adjust the grass’s normal until you get a good result. I believe the normal detail may be to close or actually to much detail.

Hey thank you i will check that out thank you i actualy remember turning fine detail up more than usual when creating the normal maps inside crazybump

Hi again i dissconected my normal maps in order to see if that was the problem and still no dice 3f4e50f3736284f18af4a8de7dc414e368c41cc4.jpeg it still looks horrible :frowning: also i rebuilt lighting and it still looks the same

Dang, no dice, huh. Try scaling the material a little bigger, maybe the texture detail is too much?! If that is not the culprit, try what had mentioned. Maybe it’s just the texture, sadly.

Do you use the “epic” quality settings? :slight_smile:
You can scale your texture with the landscape layer coord which you have to connect to the texture sample -> then change the scale in the settings

Not only that, but you’d also want to look into macro variation as well. Basically, let’s say you’ve got a 10x10 grid of repeating tiles. You could have one large macro texture, usually just of some simple cloud noise, that has 1/10th the tiling rate of the regular texture. So for that 10x10 grid, you’d have a 1x1 of the noise over top of it and you’d simply multiply it vs the regular channel. It helps break the monotony up. You can also have micro texturing as well.