Cannot get Event AnyDamage to fire

So in attempts to just get acquainted with how damage works, I decided to use the normal FPS template with some modifications.

So first, here is the projectile.

Here is it’s Collision, since I know that will be asked.

And here is our AI friend, ripe and ready for the shooting.

I’m sure it’s probably a very simple mistake I’m making, I’m just not quite sure what it is.

Thank you in Advance for any assistance.

Problems I see here:

1.) With the event hit, you’re only applying the damage if the hit actor is simulating physics (which I assume is not)
2.) With the begin overlap, you have that branch in there, only allowing the damage to occur if the overlapping actor is equal to the hit actor from the first event… which to my knowledge isn’t possible since they are on two different events.