Cannot get blueprint

I’m noob and bad english sorry guys

recently i learn unreal by “unreal documents” and i’m stuck in ui design guide

in [generating experience] step
it’s just easy to follow before cast to firstpersoncharacter, but
i can’t find “get hudwidget” anywhere .
i searched this hub of course, but i can’t found answer, just said “that guide is old version”

Hi try Unreal (UE4) Health HUD Widget Tutorial - YouTube

I tried and it seems good tutorial, but it isn’t fit for me
in my case, the trigger of “take exp point” is “bullet hit”
blueprint node that about bullet hit is in the “projectile.blueprint”
but i can’t get the varients in “HUD.blueprint” there.

of course first time i search the word, “context sensitive” is checked.
and there are no menu so i unchecked and tried, but it didnt work


Try to check “Context Sensitive” on the top-right corner of the dialog box.

Then, try to get your widget with his name.

Hope this helps

Hey, seems like you’re trying to cast a CharacterBlueprint from a ProjectileBlueprint.
I didn’t follow this tutorial, but seems like you need a reference to your game HUD stored in a variable.

On this page on the bottom it says "We are creating a Variable for the Game HUD Widget so that we can access it later. " , so recheck that, you need to have a variable (GameHud Blueprint object type) inside the CharacterBlueprint,
and on BeginPlay you set this variable , you give it a reference:

fianlly i find my fault
i am stupid
i forgot to change the name of “promoted variable” for the gamehudwidget. there are “NewVar”…

and thank you all guys

yea you’re right, exactly that point my fault is.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: !
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