Cannot get audio to trigger in first person (I only render camera no arms etc)

I have been unsuccessfully attempting to get footsteps to trigger when moving in first person but I just cannot get them to play. I have tried to add notify to the run animation and idle animation but is it not working because it is invisible in-game?

I might be missing something obvious, any help greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


You should be able to set up an event notification and do it that way

Or as it first person a simpler way would be just to check I the player is moving by using the vector length and velocity nodes.

Then just use a branch . If the player is moving then use the playsound at actor location node or if he is not moving do nothing.

I can try and upload a screenshot later
Or in the meantime you could also try this method

Tesla channel is awesome

Footstep tutorial

EniGmaa thanks for the feedback, I will try again with that video you linked. My whole project died a minute ago when I tried to start it up again so perhaps something was just wrong with it. I tried a few tutorials today see and it didn’t work, any of them.

Thank God I backed everything up before I took the dog for a walk this morning :O)


I think I have fixed it, I accidentally deleted the mesh connected to the first person camera, the arms part. I assigned a new mesh there in the blueprint however another issue occurred.

If you use the analogue movement stick, the footfall sounds do not occur at the correct places, they charge off like you are running when you are slowly crawling along, is there a way of getting the sounds to play relevant to the pace the character is traveling?

In order to get the sounds to be in sync with the actual footsteps you would need to edit the sound in an editor so that you have what is called a oneshot. So just a single footstep then in unreal you would need to use animation notify events.

So basically you go through the animation and slowly scroll through the sequence to find the exact time the foot hits the floor then add an animation notify event. Play sound notify one. You would need to do this for each foot everytime it touches down in the run animation loop.

Hmm ok thanks EniGmaa! It sounds tricky to do because in the first person blueprint there is no footfall animation - it is just a pair of arms floating around a camera.

It sounds like that particular animation is just digital though (either on or off) is that correct? Or does it allow for slow graduated increases in speed?

It sounds like a hassle to do, maybe I am better off just leaving it for now :slight_smile: