Cannot get accelerometer values from "Get Input Motion State" on Kindle Fire HD 8(2017, 7th Gen)

I’m using v4.20.2 trying to develop an app for Kindle Fire HD 8(2017, 7th Gen), which is going to use accelerometer data. But it seems like I cannot get any data but 0 from my device.

In blueprint, tried to use “print string” function to show the return value of “Get Input Motion State” function, but always got “X=0 Y=0 Z=0”.

Have made sure that the sensor is working fine by using other test apps.

Tried using the blueprint version Rolling Ball template to test, same result.

All tested in an clean install, the only thing I did is adding these:

Please help!

Platform:Win10 x64
UE: 4.20.2 or 4.19.2
Target: Kindle Fire HD 8(2017, 7th Gen)

I realize I’m late, but the Fire tablet is an Android device, in order to get the Input Motion State information, a setting called “Enable IMU Sampling” needs to be enabled in the Project Settings>Android. This will enable the InputMotionState functionality. Hope this helps.