Cannot find vcruntime140 at runtime when loading a dll

When I load a custom dll I made, the console says it fails to load because of missing imports (vccorlib140,vcruntime140, msvcp140) even though I have the vc++ redistributable installed. If I copy these dlls (from the SXS folder) into the same folder then it works fine and the dll loads successfully. I’m not sure why the engine isn’t automatically looking for these in the proper Windows locations, console output does say “Looked in”, but they are all Epic Games folders.

LogWindows: Missing import: vccorlib140_app.DLL
LogWindows: Missing import: MSVCP140_APP.dll
LogWindows: Missing import: VCRUNTIME140_APP.dll

Hi viperscape,
I am exactly in the same situation as you were. Have you found a solution to this problem?