Cannot find node "merge static mesh components"!

I am failing to find this node, I have in my blueprint several SM components i would like to merge once they have completed their script but i cant find the node

Any help is appreciated

The parent of the BP has to be Editor Utility Actor:

Hey ClockworkOcean,

first thank you very much for the quick response!

is it possible to somehow merge static mesh components in a blueprint? I currently have an bp that uses static mesh components to construct itself to objects like bridge or walls; and once they have completed to do so, I would like to merge the static mesh components together to reduce drawcalls. Currently the method you re proposing only allows to merge static mesh actors ;( The node I linked specifically says static mesh components, so I was hoping it would do what I desire. Any idea? At the moment I am looking for workarounds.

Sorry, didn’t notice that subtlety.

Can’t find the node.

I guess, once you have the components in place, you could spawn the actors and merge them, but I have a suspicion that these are editor mode utilities only and wouldn’t work at run time.

thanks for helping anyway, I have done another attempt but got some issues there, would you mind taking a look?