Cannot find InputAction node

I am fairly new to working with Unreal, and I have been following a video that is linked from the Unreal Launcher. I have the link, and when the guy who is speaking gets to jump, he says you need InputAction Jump. I have no clue if this was removed and there is a new button for it. This is the link:

Thanks in advance for anyone who contributes!

You need to define the action in the project settings/input/bindings page - at the start of the clip you can see this. Press the + button on the action mappings bit and type ‘Jump’ into the box, then choose a key/gamepad button to assign it to. Now in your blueprint it’ll show up.

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I have that already. When I go to the Event Graph of my character, and right-click and type InputAction like the video does, I do not get the node. Jump Capture.PNG

As a side note, when the guy gets the node, he types jump. He then does input/action events/jump. All I get under input is AxisEvents.

Has this been found in other peoples Blueprints as well? Or is there another node. The node I need basically says if I press this button, do this, and when it is released, do this. I am new to this and am wondering if there is a new node now.

I’m still stuck if anyone was wondering. Has this come up before?

Hey, I just notice you have put your Jump in the Axis mapping you need to put it in the Action Mappings Like in the screenshot I attached.

Action Mapping.png

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Oh wow. Zaffryn, you are awesome. Thank you, I actually was able to get the node when I changed that. I fixed it and should be able to continue. Thank you so much!

You’re welcome


Im in the same boat as Omega being new to UE4 and getting super stuck in a tutorial. 3rd Person, Vid#18) When I go to Project Settings to create my Punch Action (in Action Mapping), it doesn’t update, because I can’t access the InputAction Punch node in the Event Graph, like the guy in the video. I’ve spent the better part of several hours lookin for work-arounds, but haven’t one that I COULD make work.

Thanks in advance

Thank you!! I spent hours trying to figure that out.

I just ran into the same problem and I made the mistake that I looked for the node in the Animation BluePrint but he does that in the ThirdPerson Character BluePrint. :woman_facepalming:t5:

This thread is pretty old but maybe it helps someone still :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Hello Jump needs to be in action not axis.