Cannot find Execute Python Script Blueprint function anymore

I was using the Python Scripting feature with Blutility and was able to run Execute Python Script.

Today the two functions just “disappeared” from my Blueprint. Typing in Python keyword can no longer find them and my existing nodes are broken.

What could possibly have gone wrong?

I checked

  • Python Scripting plugin was enabled.
  • Editor Scripting plugin was enabled.
  • I enabled blutility in Editor preference. And I can create blutility class AssetActionUtility
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I can’t find a function called ExecutePythonScript in UE4 itself. Is this something you created yourself?

OK, thanks for the reminder. I found that it’s part of the 20tab’s UnrealPythonScripting plugin. Sorry for the fuss.

So, it’s not possible to run a python script using “Execute Console Command” in a blutility/editor widget blueprint? I’ve tested but no success. Woudl be nice to get it confirmed that we need to extend using a plugin or a c++ blueprintlibraryfunction.

Are you prefixing the Python script with “PY” when using “Execute Console Command”? That should work, but I’ve also added Python specific functions for 4.23.

Well, yeah I do this :

It works when I run it in the console. I get “false” on the print string node.
Edit: I tested on a vanila 4.22 version now, and then it actually works. So, it’s something with our custom engine version perhaps.

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