Cannot find Blueprint based actor until actor opened in editor

I’m using the following code to find the class for an actor I wish to instantiate from C++:

[FONT=Courier New] static const wchar_t class_name] = L"/Game/VirtualRealityBP/Blueprints/SelectionTile.SelectionTile_C";
mTileClass = FindObject<UClass>(class_package, class_name);

FindObject returns NULL until I actually find the “SelectionTile” object and open it in the editor; once I’ve done that it’s showing up fine.

So, question: how do I avoid this requirement and make it so I can grab this guy in my DLL without having to open him (and any other objects I might use) in the editor first?

FindObject looks in memory only. Use LoadObject instead. Also, if you’re specifying the full path then the ‘package’ parameter should be nullptr.